Saturday, October 16, 2010


One of my favorite children's songs from "The Children's Institues Songbook"
The words are so true!! I hope you take the time to read through them!!!!
Remember, you are SPECIAL just the way you are!

"The Bubble Song" by Loren K. Elms

Verse: 1
Have you ever seen a bubble?
They're super things to see.
And if they're not in trouble,
they're round as they can be.
But if you try to change their shape,
to make them long of make them flat,
there soon won't be a bubble where the troubled bubble's at!

It really doesn't matter it you think you're a star,
or if you think a square is really the shape you are,
For in the world of bubbles all of the ones you find.....
ARE round are round are round are round are round are
round are round are round are ROUND!
The way that God designed (POP!)

Verse: 2
Did you know I'm like a bubble?
God made me perfectly!
And I know that He made me the way I ought to be
And if I get upset because I may not like my size or shape,
I'll think of bubbles, and I'll know-
That God makes no mistake