Friday, August 31, 2012

Kroeker Children | 2012

It's time to update family photos! 
Here are the Kroeker Children 2012.
I think each photo shoot I do with them (all or part) is my favorite....until the next shoot!
You all are so photogenic! 
I should be paying you to take your photos!
Love you all!

Kelsey, 18

 Kyle, 16

Katy, 14
 Kaleb, 11

Karly, 6

Friday, August 24, 2012


What is it about them that make my heart beat faster? Why does seeing them give me a burst of adrenaline?
Why can't I resist the urge to go flying out the door at the very sound of their engines, just to get a glimpse?

My new favorite airplane quote

When in D.C. I had the chance to go to the amazing National Air and Space Museum, Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center....It was very awe-some!
When I'm out hangin' the laundry, walking, playing, living-and see a crisp white contrail, the realization that there are people up there, absolutely fascinates me.
What a wonderful technological invention and advancement has happened in the aero-plane.
We have just studied about the Wright brothers---I got to see their 1908 replica (the only replica in the museum) while I was at the NASM.

The VAGF took off/landed 15 miles away from us!
I still remember that great event!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Look to the Rose

Rose of Sharon, What a name,
For the Son of God who came,
If you seek God's love today,
Look to the rose

Rose of Sharon,Thorns your crown
Image of God's grace come down
Where does God's great love abound
Look to the rose.

From dry ground God's gentle flower
Came to show us love's true power
Then one day upon a hill
One by one,
One by one,
One by one,
The petals fell.

Rose of Sharon, Bloom today,
May your fragrance never fade
Plant Him in your heart to stay.
Look to the rose.

My dear friend, Miriam, has one of the most beautiful renditions of 
"Look to the Rose" by Joseph M. Martin 2000.
"Behold Emmanuel"
Miriam Jarrels Clark

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

L Family | 2012

While on my recent trip to Virginia, I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with the family I was staying with.
They are such dear friends, and made me feel at home during my time with them.
These photos were taken at the beautiful campus at James Madison University.
 Let me know your favorites!

*This is my 75th post!!*


The boys!


Mr & Mrs!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

An afternoon in Staunton, VA

On my recent trip to Virginia, one of my afternoons there was spent in a lovely city, Staunton.
The downtown area was really neat, and I got to see much of it, as I was on foot the majority of the time.
I went to a camera museum, and saw many cameras, old and new.
I went to a thrift store and consignment store.
I got some ice cream.
We went to the "Frontier Culture Museum"
Scroll down for photos.

 Which one to choose?
 Gold Coast Espresso Gelato
 Thread on a loom at the frontier museum

Elijah, Caleb, and I