Thursday, December 22, 2011

Finch Men | December 2011

A week into December, I got a phone call to do a photo shoot for some desperate guys.
A Christmas gift was in the making, and some photos were needed for it ASAP.
Of course, all I do is sit around waiting for photos shoots to happen (...not really!)
But, I actually had a very busy day when they called, and we were still able to plan it for that afternoon.
Next time they ask, I hope they choose a slightly warmer was a gelid (come on, go look it up in the dictionary-It's my favorite word during this time of the year!) sun-behind-the-clouds, wind blowing 24 degree day!
You've seen on of the guys before----Michael and I graduated together, and I took some of his senior portraits.
I was very pleased with what I got, and hope you enjoy seeing some my favorites!

Samuel, Michael, and Nathan, with their beloved dog, Treader.

Michael, had one of my favorite jumping shots all the guys had to try their "legs" ('hands') at it!


Samuel (Loved his fedora!)


Friday, December 16, 2011

Wood Family | Family Shoot

Last month, I had a photo shoot with the Wood Family. It was a chilly, windy Kansas day, and I was shooting in a new location, so it was an interesting shoot. Finding the right area to use, and trying to stay warm while doing so, made it very exciting! 
But, I had a lot of fun, and was pleased with what I got.
Here are some of my personal favorites!





Mr. & Mrs. Wood

Love Effie's belly here!


My Favorite!

Friday, December 9, 2011

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

 These are some photos I took of our Christmas Tree with my awesome star filter. All are SOOC (Straight out of camera-no editing!)
Do you have all your Christmas decorations up yet?

With star filter

 With out star filter

I spy me!

Rainbow bokeh with our snowflake ornament

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Good Reminder

"A Cross in My pocket"

I carry a Cross in my pocket
A simple reminder to me
Of the fact that I am a Christian
No matter where I may be.
This little Cross is not magic
Nor is it a good luck charm
It isn't meant to protect me
From every physical harm.
It's not for identification
For all the world to see
It simply is an understanding
Between my Savior and me.
When I put my hand in my pocket
To bring out a coin or key
The Cross is there to remind me
Of the price he paid for me.

It reminds me too, to be thankful
For the blessings day by day
And to strive to serve Him better
In all that I do and say.
It's also a daily reminder
Of the peace and comfort I share
With all who know my Master
And give themselves to His care.

So I carry a Cross in my pocket
Reminding me, no one but me
That Jesus Christ is Lord of my life
If only I let Him be

Friday, October 28, 2011

Zach, Paige, and Derek | Children's Shoot | Salina, KS

Remember 2 of these cute children? There is another one now!
A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take some photos of my cousins, Zach, Paige, and Derek.
 It was to be a shoot mostly of Derek (who is almost 1 year old!), but a few with all three of the children.
It was one of my first times to capture a child  (officially at least) under the age of one!
It was pretty hard actually, but I enjoyed the challenge.
Here are the photos-----let me know which ones you like!
These first ones are of all three.....


May I introduce to you, Mr. Derek James!

 Look at those precious cheeks....I just want to kiss them!