Friday, December 16, 2011

Wood Family | Family Shoot

Last month, I had a photo shoot with the Wood Family. It was a chilly, windy Kansas day, and I was shooting in a new location, so it was an interesting shoot. Finding the right area to use, and trying to stay warm while doing so, made it very exciting! 
But, I had a lot of fun, and was pleased with what I got.
Here are some of my personal favorites!





Mr. & Mrs. Wood

Love Effie's belly here!


My Favorite!

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  1. Great photos Elizabeth! Vivid COLORS!!! AMAZING! A Fun Family to Photograph! And a AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHER!! :) My favorite was the Family on the rocks. My moms favorite was the leg photo! :)

    (Sorry it took me so long to comment! :/ )

    God Bless,