Thursday, December 22, 2011

Finch Men | December 2011

A week into December, I got a phone call to do a photo shoot for some desperate guys.
A Christmas gift was in the making, and some photos were needed for it ASAP.
Of course, all I do is sit around waiting for photos shoots to happen (...not really!)
But, I actually had a very busy day when they called, and we were still able to plan it for that afternoon.
Next time they ask, I hope they choose a slightly warmer was a gelid (come on, go look it up in the dictionary-It's my favorite word during this time of the year!) sun-behind-the-clouds, wind blowing 24 degree day!
You've seen on of the guys before----Michael and I graduated together, and I took some of his senior portraits.
I was very pleased with what I got, and hope you enjoy seeing some my favorites!

Samuel, Michael, and Nathan, with their beloved dog, Treader.

Michael, had one of my favorite jumping shots all the guys had to try their "legs" ('hands') at it!


Samuel (Loved his fedora!)



  1. Wow!! Elizabeth, these pictures are amazing! I love the one with the haybale- so cool! Each of the individual portraits are excellentt too!
    So fun to see the pictures- thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Hi Elizabeth!!
    It's been a while since I've been able to check my dear friend's blogs and I just wanted to say that I loved being able to catch up on yours and see all your amazing pictures!:-)

    Hope you're doing well! Praying you have a wonderful rest of your day.:-)

    ~Meagan Feeny

  3. These are Great Pictures Elizabeth!!! I really like the one of Samuel and the fedora! And the one with Treader! But they were all WONDERFUL!!!

    God Bless,