Saturday, June 22, 2013

Jason | 2013 | Senior

Here is the next senior guy for 2013---Jason.
He was the adventurous one during our session. Climbing up poles, jumping, push-ups, and whatever other crazy things I came up with. 
 Although we did Justin & Jason's the same day, it's neat to see the differences as well as similarities.
Do you see some of the "twin" poses, locations, etc. that I used for them?

Friday, June 14, 2013

Justin | 2013 Senior

This was my first senior shoot for this year, and only my 2nd official guy senior shoot. But, Justin was fantastic to work with, and I really enjoyed getting to know him better.
He made my job really easy, and fell naturally into "posing". 
As he is a drummer, I thought his drum set would be a fabulous prop to use. He was game on the idea, and the drum photos were some of my favorite.
Get ready for some awesomeness! 

(His twin, Jason, will be next!)

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Reilly | Family Photos | 2013

My first official photo session for this year was a combination shoot-Family+School+Senior squared.
It was a lovely Friday afternoon in March when we went out to capture the life of the Reilly's.
I had a wonderful time getting to know them better throughout the process of planning, photographing, printing etc. 

Below are some of my favorites! (The senior photos will be coming next week)


Mr & Mrs

All the boys!

~Mom & her boys~

This family is a huge fan of K-State, so we had to tie that in!

Time to bring out the funky glasses, and with it---craziness! 

Josiah-2012/2013 School Photo

Jackson 2012/2013 School Photo

The younger "twins"