Saturday, August 18, 2012

Look to the Rose

Rose of Sharon, What a name,
For the Son of God who came,
If you seek God's love today,
Look to the rose

Rose of Sharon,Thorns your crown
Image of God's grace come down
Where does God's great love abound
Look to the rose.

From dry ground God's gentle flower
Came to show us love's true power
Then one day upon a hill
One by one,
One by one,
One by one,
The petals fell.

Rose of Sharon, Bloom today,
May your fragrance never fade
Plant Him in your heart to stay.
Look to the rose.

My dear friend, Miriam, has one of the most beautiful renditions of 
"Look to the Rose" by Joseph M. Martin 2000.
"Behold Emmanuel"
Miriam Jarrels Clark

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