Thursday, July 1, 2010


For my first post, I'd like to explain why I am starting my blog and posting my first post today-July 1, 2010.
Besides the fact that it is July 1, and a new month.......Today is my camera's first birthday!
I can't believe I have had it 52 weeks, 365 days, almost 8760 minutes, and over 31, 500, 000 seconds!
Whenever I do something significant, I like to do it on a significant date.
Here is an example-I got my braces off May 5, 2010, because exactly one week later it was my birthday!
So, since today is a significant date-I must do something exciting! Like start a photography blog, with pictures I've taken with my 1 year old camera!!!!!
And what is a blog post on a photography blog without PHOTOS!!
These photos, like the title, are all about COLOR! Have you ever thought what life would be like without ANY color? Would our food have the same appeal in black and white as in color? Would our clothes have the same appeal? Would life? Praise to the Lord for COLOR!

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