Monday, August 16, 2010

Uncle Bob and Aunt Glenda | Wedding

About a month ago, our family enjoyed a trip to Texas for our uncle's wedding.
Bob and Glenda Flickner were wed on July 17, 2010 in Frisco, TX.
Although I was the pianist, I also got to take a few photos (if 100+ photos is a few!!!)
It was a beautiful wedding and, I am so glad we got to attend it! Lots of Love to the Newlyweds!

Aunt Glenda's bouquet, and their vows.

Eyes for each other only!

Paige and Susanna-Almost matching!

The table with their engagement photos, candles, and Uncle Bob's prescription "Ask for Glenda!"

Sam, Lindsay and Anna Morrissey
Daughter, Son-in-Law, and precious baby granddaughter!

Lovely Lindsay and adorable Anna

There they go!


  1. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! That is so neat how we have so much in common. How long have you been playing the piano for?

  2. Aww....what a sweet post!
    Thanks for sahring the pictures! (and great job;)