Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Month of gratitude-radio, clock, & lamp

Disclaimer: this is a photography blog, so I post photos. The photo above does not say one thousand words. It says one. Bor-ing. Please accept my apologies and skip down to the words. 

Today I am grateful for my own clock/radio and lamp. They have been my faithful bedside companions for many  a year and yesterday they moved on to a new home. I have given them up, so my brothers can. Get up, that is. Since they moved back downstairs, it's hard for them to know what time it is in the morning. That means I, their personal walking alarm clock, get the distinct pleasure of awakening them. 
I have decided to resign from that career and let the ingenious clock/alarm/radio do its job. 
Unfortunately, that leaves me hard up for knowing what time it is, getting up at a reasonable time, or reading at night (because the other lamp in my room gives off about 27 watts of light)
(Try reading small print with that thing) 

I walk into my room and instantly glance to see what time it is. I come with hand half raised to stick under the lamp shade and turn the light on. I jump in bed, and lean over to turn the radio on. 

All in vain. 

My to-purchase-at-thrift-store list just got some new items. 

Do you have a clock, radio, or alarm in your bedroom? Could you live without it? 

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  1. I would have to agree with you that my life would be less complete without my alarm/radio and bedside lamp. Without my lamp, I would most likely crack my head open while groping for my bed. Without my clock, my perfect class attendance record would most assuredly be broken, not to mention I would miss out on the luxury of waking up to Stevie Wonder every morning! Considering the little things in life really puts into perspective how much we actually take for granted. You don't really know how much you love something until you let it go. Thanks for posting, Elizabeth!!