Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bethany Home | "Senior" Shoot

This past fall, I activated an idea a friend had suggested. Do a photo shoot at the local nursing home.
After attending IPS and learning many new things, I wanted to do some photo shoots and apply what I had learned.
One of the ways I could do that was through portraiture. 
So, I approached the activity director about my idea or doing a photo shoot for the nursing home residents, and he was very open to it.
We planned some dates to have the shoot, and made a sign up sheet.

And more than 25 people signed up.

I had the privilege to capture the life of these dear friends who rarely see young people.
One couple told me their children live near by, but hunting was more important to them than coming to visit their parents. 
Some had children who don't even live near by, so it isn't even possible to see them.

The slow pace of life that goes on in a nursing home is amazing.
When we are rushing around, going from activity to event, etc. we forget what is truly important.
While I was at the nursing home, cell phones were minimum, (mostly the nurses had them), they have a big old computer (again, for the nurses use), TV's, laptops i-pods,pads,phones were almost nowhere to be found, and "jive" talk was nonexistent 

I felt like I had stepped into another world, all the while only a few blocks from my house, where the majority of the things listed above are common place. 
(No i-techno gadgets though.)
These people are precious, maybe not in the sight of the world, but in a godly, multi-generational family, they are life. Heritage. Our Family tree. 

How am I acting toward the senior "saints" in my life?
So many things can be learned from those who have walked with Christ 3-4 times longer than you have even been alive!
Are you willing to make the sacrifice and open your life to older people?

One of the reasons I enjoy being around elderly folks is because they care about you.
Not what you are wearing, what you are watching, what you are listening to, where you are have gone, are going, or will go.
They want to know you.

I guess my plea for those who read this post is to think about others. 
Get out of your own little bubble.
Talk to older people.
Care for those around you.
Ask the Lord to open your eyes to the ways you can serve others, not serve self.
Because ultimately it won't matter what your friends thought of you, how many vacations you went on, what latest movie you watched, or item you snagged off the sale rack, (ooh, that's a tough one for me!)
it's going to matter how you impacted the world for Christ.
Be the arrow that points to the Cross, not the detour to self promotion or self glory.
Be a shining light, so that others will give glory to God.
(Matthew 5:16)

If you are already doing this, be encouraged! 
You are doing the right thing, even though it's hard, uncomfortable, awkward.
Most things in life aren't easy.
This is one of them.

As you scroll through the photos, don't look at the old fashioned style in clothes, wrinkles, "lack of beauty" (in the eyes of the world), but look for the soul of each person. (Which I hope I captured authentically)


(Side note: check out her gorgeous red nails!)

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  1. What a wonderful ministry, Elizabeth!! And what precious subjects!! You can just see the joy in their faces!! Thanks for showing them and us what value they have in God's eyes as well as in your eyes by the time and energy you invested in them by taking their photos!! Great reminder to all of us in your post how we are commanded to encourage and uplift others, young and old alike!! Mrs. E