Monday, October 14, 2013

A Month of Blogging 10/22-Molli | Just for Fun

What better way is there to start a Monday, if not with beautiful photos?

 I just finished a trip to Austria via rojo's post of their first day in a gorgeous country.
(Alert: New bucket list item---visit Austria!)

Photos have always been special to me, whether prints, albums, framed, or slideshow.
They capture a moment in time, and when looking through photos you momentarily step into another world.
One of the reasons I love being a photographer is because it allows me to freeze a memory.remember an event.collect reminders of a day long ago. All with the click of a shutter button.

That special moment between a couple when their noses are close together. 

The senior who feels oh-so-important when they are one-on-one with the camera.

The family who just wants a good photo with everyone smiling, and ends up having a blast with each other. 

Jumping, laughing, tickling, running. These motions allow natural personality to surface resulting in real photos. Not posed with a fake smile, but genuinely joyful.

My sisters and I had the perfect plan to spoil a dear friend for her birthday. She doesn't have any sisters, so we wanted to go all out and do a bunch of girly things. Polish nails, dress up, do hair, make-up, you know, girly stuff.
She came over and walked into the bathroom which was set up like a salon, and said "Wow!".
We did all the things we wanted to, and before she left for work, I had the opportunity to capture this moment in her life.

These images were created in a matter of 10 minutes. It's a reminder to me that I don't have to shoot until the light runs out, my card fills up, or my battery goes empty. All I need is a plan, awareness of lighting, and a few creative ideas.

Even though you don't have to be a pro-photographer (I'm not!), by using the camera you have with you, you can create a memory. I've challenged myself to not take random snaps, quick photos, or useless images just because I can (thanks to digital!).
Does each image have a purpose? What story am I trying to portray with this photo?

The photos below show another year of life in the celebration of a birthday. The joy of looking beautiful with hair styled, make-up on, and wearing a favorite outfit. The fun of being spoiled. The beauty of being with friends.

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  1. Oh, Elizabeth!! I had such a great time that day!! Thank you so much for spoiling me!! ;)