Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Month of Blogging 8/22-Grandparents

In sync with my post from Tuesday, I want to share some photos exemplifying the special relationship between grandparents and grandchildren.
These particular boys are blessed to know not one, but both sets of grandparents. 
The grandparents have been married to original spouse a combined amount of approximately 85 years.
Ummmm....just in case you missed that-85 years of faithfulness.  
What a legacy to leave your children and grandchildren.

This photo session had the goal of capturing a moment in time when all were in one state, in one place, together.
There was a recent time, when quite possibly a member could have died, and these images would never have been created. 
But, by the grace of God, all the grandparents are in good health, and hopefully, these images will be precious to them, and generations to come. 

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