Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Month of Blogging 6/22-An Anniversary........

......50 years of marriage, and 65 years of knowing each other.
That is the story of the relationship between my grandparents.
Met in 2nd grade, that cute little boy in the overalls, and the sweet girl riding her horse through the pasture chasing rabbits. Church youth events, high school games, off to college. People always put them together. 
Jim. Joanne.  
After a time of separation in college, they realized what everyone else knew.
They were made by God for each other.

Trials began for them even before they were married.
The day the invitations went out, the father of bride suddenly died.
The joyous event turned to crushing sorrow and sadness.
They went through with the wedding, even though she walked down the aisle alone.

In planning a surprise for them, we knew it would be essential to make it special.
They care for so many people, let's spoil them for a change.

One of the comments that really summed up their entire span of marriage, was how the marriage celebration of 1963 was marred by the loss of a dear loved one.
The celebration of 2013, 50 years, was of pure rejoicing.
What an honor to mark this momentous occasion with this collection of photos.
My grandparents have been so effusive in sharing these images.

My grandpa has the link to the video on his phone's home page.
My grandma calls me often to tell me of another person she showed the video to.

It has been a blessing and encouragement to me that each time they share it, they share the commitment they have upheld, the Lord who has knit them together, and the image they portray of Christ and His Bride.
In this world of faulty friendships, random relationships, non-committal companionship, affection given freely, love and intimacy tossed around like Frisbee, the example of 10, 20, 40, 50, even 60+ years of marriage is both humbling and challenging. Although each year of marriage is a great achievement, those special years are mile markers. 
Mile markers remind of where you have been and where you are going. They are something to look forward to, as well as remember when you arrive at your destination.

My grandparents will leave a legacy of love for me, my parents and siblings, extended relatives, and close friends to strive to attain by the grace of God.

It started with just two.

My grandma and I (wearing her going away outfit minus the coordinating raspberry jacket, which she gave away to someone in need of clothing)

 I have 300+ images of my grandparents, but instead of sharing a selection of those, here is the video I created for them using two songs very special to them.

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