Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Month of Blogging 7/22-Heart Garland

Last year, I decided to implement some Pinterest craft ideas to re-decorate my room. 
Music is one of my loves.
Garlands were and still are trending on Pinterest.
I had a free Saturday morning to create.

The result was this:
I took some old sheet music, and cut hearts about 2.5" tall.
Fold them in half to make a slight indention, lay thread in the middle and glue middles together.
(I used embroidery thread for my rope.)

I left about 5"-6" between hearts.
This is draped across my lace curtain and I love the softness it brings to the room.
You could use also use jute or twine for the rope.
Also, there are a variety of shapes you could try. Birds, stars, circles, etc.

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