Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Month of Blogging-18/23-Kaylee | Senior

Below are a few more images from the session I had with Kaylee a few weeks ago.
Senior year is such a special time, and as I've mentioned before, senior photos are a particular favorite of mine.
One of the ways we brought Kaylee's personality in the photos was using musical instruments.
The other was utilizing a bright red VW bug in honor of her acquiring one recently.
Since she was unable to bring her's to KS, a friend of mine graciously let us borrow her bug that is just the same as Kaylee's. (Thanks, Mrs. S!)

We went downtown to use use the urban backgrounds, and I found this delicious light near the alley.
I love the way in lights up her hair, softly wraps her body, and gives overall beauty to the photos.

Thank you again, Kaylee, for giving me the opportunity to capture you during this special season of life!


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