Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Blogtober 1/22-The Beginnning of an Adventure

Last week, I was reading a friend's blog post of her upcoming "Blogtober". This idea of blogging once a day, every week day, for the entire month of October spurred me on to do something similar. I love to read blogs that are frequently updated. Why can't I try to do the same? (I guess I'm good at procrastinating!). Actually, I have a very long list of reasons why (some relevant, some not!) I don't blog on a very regular basis.
A couple reasons are inconsistent internet, lack of specific ideas, and the goal to keep this strictly photographic.
I've decided to branch out a little bit in hopes that I can share different things about myself, as well as other topics such as spiritual insight and encouragement, recipes, ideas, quotes, stories, possible interviews, etc.
I don't have everything planned, but I'd like to try a giveaway too!
Will you join me on this adventure? Share with others, and let's have a fabulous month together!

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